Benelux VC Landscape (2023 Q2)


Benelux VC Landscape (2023 Q2) cover

👋 Welcome to all the ambitious founders out there 👋

To demystify the landscape, we published a map of active VCs from the Benelux segmented by investment stage to ensure you find the right partners 🗺

This guide is aimed at early-stage SaaS, Marketplace, and Platform startups. We focus less on Hardware, Health, and Biotech innovation. Also, we focused on investors having an office in the Benelux region; some foreign investors supporting founders in the region. We define active investors as ones who’ve made deals in the past 2 years.

🗄 Benelux Tech VC Database

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🌋 About Peak

We are an early-stage venture capital fund based in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Stockholm. We are fully run and funded by entrepreneurs. We invest EU-wide and have active investments in the Benelux, DACH, and Nordic regions. Our focus is SaaS, Marketplace, and Platform, and we do initial ticket sizes between 250k€ and 4m€, with the firepower to follow on!

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