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We’re a colorful mix of characters tackling anything – everything – with a combination of gut-instinct & deep data.

  • Peak Capital Team

    David Zwagemaker


    #1 fan of pen and paper

    David’s been around the block. He started his entrepreneurial adventure as a Managing Director at Rocket Internet, a boots-on-the-ground rollercoaster of building up companies from Singapore to Bangladesh, or as he recalls it, “(obviously) the craziest time of my life.”

    Afterward, he co-founded painting marketplace Weissmaler together with a former Rocket colleague. His founder days taught him lessons that he keeps with him to this day; “We scaled fast, serving hundreds of clients within months. We raised three seed rounds and hired 30 people within a year. Perhaps we went too fast: the business did not make it in the end.”

    At Peak, David brings a hard-analytic skillset and pragmatic day-to-day experience. Part of the sharp-data team, David geeks out over growth metrics, number crunching, and bikes.


  • Felicia Nordgård


    The harder you work, the luckier you get.

    Felicia is Stockholm based to head our Nordics operations. She comes from the finance world and spent three years working for Goldman Sachs in London.

    Before joining Peak, she worked at Invenio Growth, a venture strategy firm helping enterprises keep up with disruptive startup innovation. Growing up, she competed for the Swedish national team of rhythmic gymnastics, a sport she is still enthusiastic about. Also contributing to her interest in health and well-being.


  • Indra Sharma


    “If you’re very strong you need to be very kind”

    Based out of Stockholm , Indra works cross geographies but likes to keep an extra eye on the Nordics. She led the Axel Johnson conglomerate’s VC efforts and previous to that she was responsible for Nordic investments at EQT Ventures. She has an extensive background as an operator and was part of scaling Swedish payment house Bambora Group into a fintech unicorn. Indra is half Indian half Colombian born and raised in Sweden and she speaks five languages fluently. Her international background has nourished her curious nature and she often spends her nights on the phone discussing societal issues instead of sleeping.

    Rather than waiting for something to happen, Indra prefers to roll up her sleeves and make it happen. Come rain or come shine – she loves to apply her hands on experience and help founders with whatever they are battling at the moment.

    Indra is an advocate for women and minorities within the tech and business world. She is a published author of the book ‘Role models – the women that shape our future’ that she co-wrote to shed light on why entrepreneurship is the key in increasing equality in the world.


  • Johan van Mil

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    “Don’t try to please everybody, look for alternative ways to get things done, give 100% on one big goal – and do not move on before it is done.”

    A life-long entrepreneur, Johan has built, bought, and sold over 11 companies, from data marketplaces (Adatus) and social marketing software (ReturnSocial) to email marketing platforms (MailMedia), and more. He looks back on these successes – and failures – as lessons of hustle, perseverance, and humility.

    Making the move from founder to investor, Johan founded Peak with 5 fellow entrepreneurs in 2008. Over a decade and 4 funds later, he ensures Peak’s entrepreneurial DNA continues on: raise capital from experienced entrepreneurs, invest in genuine people, think in big opportunities.

    He is the true embodiment of gut instinct and entrepreneurial power in the Peak team. Be it personally hunting for key hires or closing exits, Johan always has his sleeves rolled up to help our founders think bigger and move faster.


  • Kasper de Kock

    Finance & compliance manager

    The backbone of the team.

    Kasper works behind the front lines, running the finance back-office and ensuring we operate like a well-oiled, structured machine.

    With his background in auditing at PwC, he has a tireless eye for accounting and business economics. Kasper owns all things from investor and regulatory reporting to compliance.

    Beyond numbers, Kasper loves to travel.


  • Philippe v. Klitzing


    The industry all-rounder

    Philippe’s been around the block, having seen every side of venture – from being a founder to working in fund administration and investing.

    Starting out in the founder seat, Philippe co-founded a self-storage startup in France that served over 300 customers and sold to a competitor. For the past 3+ years, Philippe’s been an integral part of an early stage venture fund in charge of running fund administration, building the brand, raising funds from Limited Partners, and leading 4 investments. And previously earned his stripes consulting private equity firms.


  • Peak Capital Team

    Stefan Bary

    Managing Partner

    For Stefan, there is no mountain too high or Excel file too big

    Champion of ‘deep data’ at Peak, Stefan got his start in corporate finance at First Dutch advisory and went on to lead entrepreneur-backed Javest Investment Fund. By the time he joined Peak in 2015, Stefan had spent years supporting teams from seed to growth stage and navigating a jungle of fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, financing structures, company valuations, and management buy-outs at an international scale.

    Don’t let the financial background fool you, Stefan is our resident philosopher, psychologist, and, thanks to his infamous whiteboard diagrams, our resident artist, too. At Peak, Stefan fights for our founders at every stage, armed with meticulous attention to detail and quick wit.


  • Peak Capital Team

    Thijs Dijkman


    From slinging stacks to head of Benelux.

    Like a true dutchman, Thijs grew up hustling in a pancake restaurant. A long journey from slinging stacks, Thijs now leads all of our Benelux sourcing. He comes from the finance world. Before joining us in 2017, he learned a thing-or-two about global data services at Willis Towers Watson and started investing at The Mutual Fund, a collaborative portfolio managed by investors.

    In Peak’s family of big characters, Thijs has both feet on the ground: he is the voice of reason and the bridge between gut instinct and deep data.


  • Tim Winter


    People and Growth Enthusiast.

    While thinking of unusual stints before entering the investment-scene, Tim might score best in class being the only sausage-dealer-turned-VC (that we know of). No matter if working at Vienna’s best food stand during his studies, on the kickboxing mats or his extensive travels, he believes in connecting with everyone and everywhere in order to learn from the interactions.

    From working for early-stage start-ups in Berlin and Munich and for a leading digital strategy consultancy, Tim’s biggest passion is growing numbers and the strategy behind it. Be prepared to spend most of the time with him on your sales approach and go-to-market. 

    Originally from the beautiful Rhineland in Germany, he joined us initially in our Amsterdam office to reconnect with the city where he spent some of his early childhood years. In January 2024 he relocated to Berlin.

  • Tycho Klessens


    “I sit and wait, does an angel contemplate my fate_”

    At just 25, he launched his own angel syndicate, a move that underscored his commitment to jump in early, all driven by a clear focus on ambitious and visionary founders.

    He is particularly drawn to ambitious founders with visionary projects. Tycho’s belief is unwavering: the heart of a startup’s potential lies in its team and their progressive ideas. Yet, this belief doesn’t deter him from engaging deeply with the analytical side of each venture. Tycho skilfully balances a deep analytical approach with a focus on critical startup metrics.

    Beyond the realm of startups and investing, Tycho harbours a profound passion for food, different cultures and cooking, reflecting his investment philosophy: diverse, thoughtful, and perpetually in search of new flavours.

    His distinctively Dutch essence—highlighted by a natural tendency for directness —adds an extra layer of character.

  • Heleen Dura – van Oord

    Founding Partner

    “Guts is doing things that others do not dare or do not see.”

    Heleen is one of Peak’s founding partners. She previously co-founded international advertising player DQ&A Media and, one of the highlights of her many ventures, built up the LOEY awards to stimulate innovation in online innovation. In the long list of lessons that she learned the hard way, how to say ‘no’ was the most difficult – and the most important, “You can’t do it all. You don’t have to want to do everything.”

    For Heleen, entrepreneurship is creating something out of nothing. This is where she helps founders thrive: winning the first customer, building the champion team, and fundraising.


Our Entrepreneurs in Residence.

Founders with the scars to prove it.

Renato Valdés Olmos

Master of Design
Ex-Andreessen Horowitz, Grammarly, Lyft, and Co-Founder of Human.co

Martijn van Berkum

CTO and Founder of BlueConic and GX Software

Dennis Goedgebuure

Growth Marketing Master
Ex-Paypal, Venmo, Fanatics, and Airbnb

Pete Christianson

Pete Christianson

“The Product Guy”

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