Tycho Klessens


“I sit and wait, does an angel contemplate my fate_”

At just 25, he launched his own angel syndicate, a move that underscored his commitment to jump in early, all driven by a clear focus on ambitious and visionary founders.

He is particularly drawn to ambitious founders with visionary projects. Tycho’s belief is unwavering: the heart of a startup’s potential lies in its team and their progressive ideas. Yet, this belief doesn’t deter him from engaging deeply with the analytical side of each venture. Tycho skilfully balances a deep analytical approach with a focus on critical startup metrics.

Beyond the realm of startups and investing, Tycho harbours a profound passion for food, different cultures and cooking, reflecting his investment philosophy: diverse, thoughtful, and perpetually in search of new flavours.

His distinctively Dutch essence—highlighted by a natural tendency for directness —adds an extra layer of character.