Indra Sharma


“If you’re very strong you need to be very kind”

Based out of Stockholm , Indra works cross geographies but likes to keep an extra eye on the Nordics. She led the Axel Johnson conglomerate’s VC efforts and previous to that she was responsible for Nordic investments at EQT Ventures. She has an extensive background as an operator and was part of scaling Swedish payment house Bambora Group into a fintech unicorn. Indra is half Indian half Colombian born and raised in Sweden and she speaks five languages fluently. Her international background has nourished her curious nature and she often spends her nights on the phone discussing societal issues instead of sleeping.

Rather than waiting for something to happen, Indra prefers to roll up her sleeves and make it happen. Come rain or come shine – she loves to apply her hands on experience and help founders with whatever they are battling at the moment.

Indra is an advocate for women and minorities within the tech and business world. She is a published author of the book ‘Role models – the women that shape our future’ that she co-wrote to shed light on why entrepreneurship is the key in increasing equality in the world.