Peak Capital Team

David Zwagemaker


#1 fan of pen and paper

David’s been around the block. He started his entrepreneurial adventure as a Managing Director at Rocket Internet, a boots-on-the-ground rollercoaster of building up companies from Singapore to Bangladesh, or as he recalls it, “(obviously) the craziest time of my life.”

Afterward, he co-founded painting marketplace Weissmaler together with a former Rocket colleague. His founder days taught him lessons that he keeps with him to this day; “We scaled fast, serving hundreds of clients within months. We raised three seed rounds and hired 30 people within a year. Perhaps we went too fast: the business did not make it in the end.”

At Peak, David brings a hard-analytic skillset and pragmatic day-to-day experience. Part of the sharp-data team, David geeks out over growth metrics, number crunching, and bikes.