Hybrid office trailblazer, Seatti, raises €500k in pre-seed funding from Peak


Hybrid office trailblazer, Seatti, raises €500k  in pre-seed funding from Peak
Seatti Team: Johannnes – CPO, Christopher – CEO, Moritz – CTO

Berlin / Munich, August 18, 2021: The Corona crisis has radically changed the way we work. The question is no longer whether working from home will prevail, but rather to what extent. A mix of remote work and office presence has become the new normal. On the other hand, we have also learned how teamwork benefits from a physical meet-up every now and then. This poses major challenges for companies: How does one manage the hybrid office and help teams stay in touch? Excel spreadsheets and doodle surveys cannot be the solution to administer office capacity and employee presence in the long run.

Seatti.co is on a mission to solve this problem. Founded in 2020 the Startup has developed software that allows companies to manage their hybrid office and connect their flexible workforce. In a pre-Seed funding round, the startup now raised €500.000 from Peak, Berlin’s HPI Seed Fund, and Super Angel Dr. Ralph Mueller. The investment will be used to build out new product features, accelerate customer growth and expand the sales & engineering teams.

“Even before the Covid crisis, in my time as a project manager at Tesla, I came in contact with New Work concepts, such as desk sharing and hybrid remote work. It was always a challenge to find a flex desk and I never knew which colleagues would be in the office – that’s when the idea for Seatti came up.

The last year and a half have pushed the shift to hybrid models at a previously unimaginable pace – 92% of companies will now transition to a hybrid workforce. Seatti supports companies in this transition. We make sure that every employee always knows where there is a desk available, which colleagues are working nearby and when they can meet up in person. At the same time, companies can employ this work location data to develop their ideal workplace strategy and reduce office costs.” – Christopher Bieri, Co-founder & CEO Seatti

The Pivot and the Take-off

When Peak met the founders of Seatti for the first time in October 2020, the business model was slightly different. Seatti started off as a transactional marketplace to help workers find remote work stations in unused space e.g. in vacant hotel rooms. However, soon the team realized that the biggest challenge for new, flexible work models didn’t lay in the discovery of new workspaces, but in the management of the old. Large companies wanted to change the status quo but didn’t have the technological means to do so. Within 6 months after launching their SaaS product in February 2021, more than 10,000 employees are now using Seatti on a weekly basis. The Software helps reduce office space while fostering personal collaboration in hybrid remote teams.

“We’ve been following the team closely for the last 9 months, and saw how nimble they were in tweaking both product and business model. Our conviction grew when we saw their ability to close large accounts with enterprise clients such as Osram, Umlaut, and Sartorius, which usually have very long sales cycles.

We don’t believe offices are a thing of the past. People will still want to meet and collaborate in person, it will just no longer be the default option. Software will be necessary to manage the hybrid workforce and get insights on office capacities. This way companies can optimize office space while offering flex-desks to connect their workforce. We believe Seatti will cater to those needs.” Johan van Mil, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Peak

About Seatti

Seatti is a shared desk management and hybrid team collaboration software startup from Munich and Berlin. The team’s mission is to enable hybrid companies to maximize collaboration while minimizing office and admin costs. With Seatti, employees can book flex-desks in the office, share their on-site or remote work location and meet up with colleagues nearby. Thereby Seatti helps reduce office space while fostering personal collaboration in hybrid remote teams. The company was founded by alumni of St. Gallen, HPI, TUM, and Entrepreneur First.

Find out more about Seatti at www.seatti.co or contact Christopher directly.