Dutch SaaS Landscape (Q2 2021)


Dutch SaaS Landscape (2021 Q2): An updated snapshot of “who’s who” in Software-as-a-Service

It’s that time of year again: introducing the updated Dutch SaaS Landscape! At 2021, we’re clocking almost 6 years of publishing landscapes. Time flies when you’re having fun…

At Peak, we’re focused on what we know best: SaaS and Marketplaces. As SaaS specific investors, the Software-as-a-Service landscape was one of our first creations. To this day, we update it regularly to share a snapshot of prominent players per industry in the Dutch scene.

As the SaaS scene has grown many-fold – soon, we’re going to need a bigger map. For now, please behold Peak’s latest and greatest Dutch SaaS landscape…(I also recommend you explore the interactive notion page as well here!)

Download a high res version here 🇳🇱

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Note that we cannot list every SaaS company, and selection is based on various factors (including growth, FTE, funding, and more).