Fresh from Silicon Valley! Meet Dennis, our new Entrepreneur-in-Residence 👋


Peak is happy to welcome Dennis Goedgebuure as our new Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

We’ve known Dennis for a while… Dennis and Johan first met when Johan was a founder of Mailmedia. At the time, Dennis was part of eBay’s internet marketing team in the Netherlands and was a customer of Johan at Mailmedia.

Dennis joins us from PayPal, where he was responsible for global consumer growth marketing for both PayPal and the Venmo brand. Prior to Paypal, Dennis has worked for 4.5 years at Fanatics, which is the world’s largest online retailer of licensed sports merchandise, and for over 2 years at Airbnb, where he was the first person to focus on SEO for the home rental travel company. More than 15 years ago, working for eBay had brought him to San Jose, where he led the centralized SEO function for the global marketplace.

With his focus on growth marketing in his previous jobs, Dennis will be working and advising some of our portfolio companies to identify growth opportunities within their online growth/media channels, optimize opportunities in the customer journey, and/or prevent churn 🔥

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Canals

With so many aspects in life, Corona has also been an accelerator for Dennis’ and his family to move back home to the Netherlands to be closer to family. The experience of remote working and video calls due to Covid-19 allows Dennis to work with the Peak portfolio companies at a distance, while Dennis and his family are in the middle of relocating back to The Netherlands from California.

As a father of four, he barely has time left for one of his hobbies, photography & travel, but manages to combine these with the time he spends with his wife and kids.

You can connect with Dennis on LinkedIn. See what’s on his mind on Twitter.