Partnering with Meela, resolving mental health issues globally


Partnering with Meela, resolving mental health issues globally cover

Today, Meela announces a EUR 2.6M capital raise led by Peak. Previous investors Unconventional Ventures, The Inner Foundation and Calm/Storm Ventures are joining the round.

Meela is poised at the forefront of a transformative shift in mental health care, challenging the status quo by prioritizing personalized fit over mere accessibility. Through its platform, Meela offers a solution that addresses the growing demand for qualitative mental health services and ensures that individuals receive tailored and effective care. With a compelling vision and mission to empower individuals to take charge of their own mental health, Meela stands as a beacon of hope in an increasingly strained mental health landscape.

Meela’s Founder Tiffany Boswell

“Meela needs to exist in the world. I come into this space as a patient myself. I know what it feels like to meet the wrong therapist for you. So for me, it feels important, and urgent to make sure we can help as many people as possible” says Tiffany Boswell, Founder & CEO

Experienced team fueled by passion and deep industry expertise

Meela benefits from a team with deep expertise in the mental health space. Founder Tiffany Boswell, a licensed psychologist, brings personal experience and a passion for improving mental health care across the globe. Tiffany’s insights and leadership have propelled Meela to rapid growth and expansion. It was apparent in our early discussions with Tiffany that she is determined to transform the mental health space. Her message is clear: Meela needs to exist in the world, and at Peak, we couldn’t agree more.

Unique matchmaking algorithms enable unmatched patient care

At the heart of Meela's success lies its unique approach to matchmaking between therapists and patients. Unlike conventional models that focus solely on accessibility, Meela's algorithm-driven platform, a true innovation in the industry, uses clinical metrics to calculate compatibility between client and therapist. This results in a remarkably low dropout rate of 3% after three sessions, compared to the industry standard of 50%. This emphasis on personal fit enhances patient outcomes and sets Meela apart from any other mental health platform. Their evidence-based matching system makes them a trusted partner for patients and therapists.

Unlocking future growth through a therapist SaaS solution and B2B market expansion

Furthermore, Meela’s commitment to continuous innovation is evident in its plans to introduce a subscription-based model for therapists, providing access to a patient feedback loop. By leveraging technology and feedback mechanisms, this data-driven approach enhances the quality of care and delivers unparalleled value to therapists and patients.

Meela doesn’t stop there. The expansion into the B2B market presents a significant growth opportunity. By offering employers customized B2B solutions, Meela aims to address the pressing need for mental health support in the workplace. With the economic costs of untreated mental health issues mounting, employers increasingly recognize the importance of investing in employee well-being, making Meela's B2B offering both timely and compelling.

Looking ahead, Meela is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for quality mental health services. With its innovative platform, experienced team, and commitment to personalized care, Meela is well-positioned to revolutionize the mental health industry and make a lasting impact on the lives of millions worldwide. We are excited to be part of Meela's journey and support their push to dramatically change the mental health landscape as they deepen their presence in Europe, launch in the UK, and empower every individual to take charge of their mental health.