The online event for marketplace founders. Fast track your fundraising.


The online event for marketplace founders. Fast track your fundraising.

We know: fundraising takes time…and emails (…and more emails).

That’s why we launched Fund Fast Friday.

(Aside from a killer alliteration) Fund Fast Friday is a day to help founders fundraise quickly and without the fuss. After a successful first session with founders Europe-wide this May, we’re excited to launch Fund Fast Friday 2.0: Marketplace exclusive.

The event is simple: skip the back and forth. Talk face-to-face with our partners from the get-go. Get immediate feedback. Fast track your fundraising process. 👉 Sign up now

We ❤️ marketplaces

We’re focusing on Marketplaces exclusively for this edition. As Marketplace investors, we have 10 years under our belts and a portfolio with marketplaces spanning from antiques and academics to crafting and exercise. We appreciate marketplace’s unique dynamics and ability to create emergent value to networks far and wide.

Struggling with the cold-start problem? Or Leakage? Trying to leverage network effects? We’ve been there before. We understand what makes marketplace models tick and how to scale those models across verticals, borders, and stages of maturity. Get direct feedback on your proposition during the 1-on-1.

Curious about our marketplace investments? Check out: Catawiki, Studocu, Floryn, Onefit / Urban Sports Club, NPEX, Peecho, United Wardrobe, Batchforce, Creative Fabrica, and more to come!

Who should participate?

The session will be held virtually on October 2nd. If the name doesn’t give it away… it’s a Friday. 😉 We welcome founders that fit the bill to fast track with us:

  • 💡Marketplace business
  • 🇪🇺 Based in Europe
  • 💃Multi-founder
  • 👾Tech in-house
  • 💸 With revenue

Start your engines! Drop us your email below in the form below to secure your 1-on-1 session.