Floryn receives BMKB-C accreditation to support SMEs during the corona crisis


Floryn receives BMKB-C accreditation to support SMEs during the corona crisis

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 14 May 2020 – Floryn has received BMKB-C accreditation from the government. This makes Floryn one of the first non-bank financial institutions which can offer government backed loans to bridge the corona crisis. With the accreditation Floryn can help new and existing customers. With their highly digitized process Floryn makes it possible for entrepreneurs to skip the long waiting lines at traditional banks.

The BMKB-C scheme allows Floryn to increase support for SMEs and help them meet their obligations. With the government as an underwriter, Floryn is able to provide loans to entrepreneurs which might have liquidity problems now but have an underlying healthy business. Floryn can also help SMEs that are experiencing rapid and unexpected growth due to the corona crisis.

Entrepreneurs require liquidity now

“We are talking to SME’s everyday and are experiencing that hard working entrepreneurs require liquidity now more than ever. We therefore immediately sought cooperation with the government, ” says Sven van der Biezen, CEO and co-founder of Floryn. “Delaying repayments gives some room for breathing, but entrepreneurs above all require extra liquidity. With the BMKB-C accreditation, we can further increase the support to SMEs and help them, together with the government, to get through the corona crisis ”.

Speed ​​is more important than ever

As a fintech company with a PSD2 license from DNB, Floryn is able to quickly assess credit applications. The method of assessment differs from the major banks and results in a significant faster process. By using artificial intelligence to look at bank transactions supplementen with several other data points Floryn provides a faster and better assessment of the credit position of a company. After approval, entrepreneurs can withdraw money the same day. Today, this speed is decisive for SMEs.