Enabling health companies to leverage the power of GenAI: HealthsageAI closes €3M Seed round for its Open Generative AI Platform.


Enabling health companies to leverage the power of GenAI: HealthsageAI closes €3M Seed round for its Open Generative AI Platform. cover

Utrecht, 16.04.2024A promising advance for healthcare: HealthSage AI, less than a year after its inception, announces its €3M seed investment to enhance and scale its open generative AI platform fully dedicated to healthcare.

Founders of Healthsage Marcel Alberti (left) and Harm-Jan Wessels (right)

Investment Highlights

The €3 M seed round is led by Peak, with co-investments from Healthy.Capital, Rubio Impact Ventures and serial health tech entrepreneurs Jaap Maljers and Jeroen Tas. This funding enables HealthSage AI to grow the team, commercialize its offerings, and accelerate customer deployments with real impact for healthcare professionals and patients. Together, these steps build towards HealthSage AI’s ultimate goal: providing a comprehensive platform that will offer AI tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery for healthcare providers, organizations and patients.

Origins and Vision

HealthSage AI was founded in 2023 by Harm-Jan Wessels and Marcel Alberti. Together, they bring decades of healthcare and medical software experience in building successful scale-ups and through medtech corporates. Wessels shares: “Generative AI represents the biggest technology shift that I have witnessed in my career. Using AI, we can help healthcare professionals to move away from countless hours of information chasing and clerical tasks, so they can focus on what matters most: patient care.”

Generative AI has massive potential to impact healthcare delivery. Next to reducing the administrative burden for healthcare professionals (up to 40% of their time), AI will provide clinical decision support, address staffing shortages through virtual interactions, make patients better informed health consumers, and enable value-based care through better insights into vast amounts of clinical data. To deliver on this promise, HealthSage AI is building its open generative AI platform, allowing healthcare providers and health IT vendors to use generative AI in a safe and compliant way.

HealthSage AI was founded on three key principles: Open, Responsible, and Safe. This means embracing open source practices, adhering to all EU AI regulations, and ensuring the HealthSage AI LLMs are trained and trusted by the healthcare community. Compliance is fundamental to HealthSages AI’s approach, with a focus on privacy and data protection.

Johan van Mil, co-founder & managing partner at Peak says: “Given the opportunity to improve diagnostic accuracy, patient care, and operational efficiency, we see a huge opportunity for AI in the health space. Given the track-record of the founders in building and scaling companies in medtech, we see Healthsage AI as the leading player to revolutionize the medical industry.”

The Note-to-FHIR LLM

In healthcare, vast amounts of vital information are trapped in unstructured clinical notes and data. That is why, on 1 December 2023, HealthSage AI launched Note-to-FHIR, a specialized Large Language Model (LLM) that transforms unstructured medical notes into a structured FHIR output: the global standard for electronic healthcare information exchange.

For example, once transformed by Note-to-FHIR, the structured information can be used to automatically create a patient overview, offering healthcare professionals a concise summary of a patient’s health issues without the need to sift through unstructured notes. It can also simplify administrative duties, such as the creation of discharge letters. Additionally, Note-to-FHIR can support clinical decision-making, helping healthcare professionals to deliver the best care by automatically leveraging structured data. It also has the capability to transform complex clinical notes into language that is easily understandable for patients, making them better informed in their own care journeys.

All in all, Note-to-FHIR tackles one of the most pressing challenges in healthcare: transforming dense, hard-to-navigate unstructured clinical notes into clear, actionable information. This will lighten the load for healthcare professionals, allowing them to concentrate more on providing patient care. Note-to-FHIR can be integrated into existing healthcare information systems and be used by health IT vendors to build new applications.