Creative Fabrica Investment

Amsterdam, January 15th 2019 – Amsterdam based start-up Creative Fabrica receives a capital injection of EUR 500.000 from Dutch venture capital fund Peak Capital. Creative Fabrica offers a marketplace connecting crafters and designers. While currently having their vast part of customers in the US, Creative Fabrica will use the investment to expand into other countries.

Creative Fabrica is a subscription based marketplace for fonts, graphics and crafts designs. The platform gives designers access to sell to a large audience of professionals and hobbyists. Especially the crafting audience is growing rapidly. “For a lot of people, crafting is a reaction to the mass production and the ultimate way of relaxation. Generally, we see that more and more people need time for themselves. Crafting is a great way of doing something for yourself, allowing you to relax and to feel a sense of accomplishment.”, says Roemie Hillenaar, co-founder of Creative Fabrica.

With Creative Fabrica it’s possible to get unlimited access to a huge library of craft-friendly designs for a fixed monthly fee. Next to that, Creative Fabrica focuses on developing online tools specifically for crafters.

Johan van Mil, Managing Partner at Peak Capital: “We are impressed with the truly global growth of Creative Fabrica’s platform: Designers from all around the globe are able to generate income from all around the globe. This creates massive opportunities to make crafting designs as a main source of income for a fast growing group of stay-at-home entrepreneurs.”Currently Creative Fabrica generates about 80% of their revenue in the United States and Canada. According to the research of the Association for Creative Industries in 2017, more than 60% of US households are involved in crafting. In the US alone, over 44 billion is spent on crafting each year. While a big portion of the money is allocated to physical goods like craft supplies, Creative Fabrica sees that more and more of the crafting is going digital due to advanced digital printers, digital embroidery machines and tooling.

With the investment of Peak Capital, Creative Fabrica wants to expand and grow its reach in markets outside the US, such as Latin America and Europe.
“Peak Capital has a lot of experience scaling marketplaces such as Catawiki and United Wardrobe. This in combination with fresh capital will allow us to grow even faster and become a leader in multiple markets.”, Anca Stefan, co-founder of Creative Fabrica says.
The investment will be used to attract quality designers to create specific content for the new markets. It will also be spend on marketing and to leverage their affiliate programme.

Creative Fabrica investment

About Creative Fabrica
Creative Fabrica was founded in June 2016 by Anca Stefan and Roemie Hillenaar. After running a design & development studio and launching hundreds of websites, they knew the struggles of finding the perfect design. It’s their goal to make high quality fonts, graphics & crafts accessible for everyone. Creative Fabrica has grown in 2 years to become one of the biggest marketplaces for digital crafting goods with almost 270.000 registered users. For more information, see