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Tessa Wanders

Investment Manager

Devil’s advocate by day, master networker by night.

Tessa started off her career as a marketplace investor in New York. As FJ Labs’ second hire, she built out the team and helped secure deals such as Roadrunner, Rappi, and Raisin. Intrigued by the other side of the table, she left the world of venture to start two companies; a hospitality business in Toronto (backed by Social Capital) and a CPG company in San Francisco (Founders Fund, FJ Labs).

After having learned some valuable lessons (“never start a company solo and only work in an industry you’re passionate about”), we’re stoked to have her back on our side of the table. Devil’s advocate by day, master networker by night: Tessa leverages her investing experience with a unique operational point of view to help founders bring their boldest ideas to life.