T-shaped Venture Capitalist

Here at Peak Capital we are preparing for our new EUR 50M fund. As we are looking to expand our team with a Managing Partner and an Investment Director, we were asked what the skill set of our ideal T-shaped VC-guy or girl is. Interested? Just ping me or visit https://4.peak.capital/. Ps Wonder if the guys and girls of henQ Capital Partners, Holland Venture, INKEF Capital, Newion Investments, Slingshot Ventures, Volta Ventures, etc or recruiters like LevelUp Ventures, YoungSolution, WeAreKeen | Tech & Digital Recruiters, Newpeople International BV, Tomato Talent, etc. have something to add to this VC skill set? #recruiting #saas #funding #vc #venturecapital #marketplace #investments #startup

T-shaped Venture Capital


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