TradeCloud receives financing from the Peak Capital investment fund. To this end, the fund has a minority interest in the logistic cloud service. The growth capital is used for scaling up sales & marketing activities and broadening the functionality.

tradecloud startup investering

TradeCloud helps production and wholesale companies communicate more quickly about purchasing and sales processes with their suppliers and customers. Tomorrow’s successful companies must respond more flexibly to market changes, says CEO Tonnis de Boer. The company offers a solution for this based on a simple subscription model (SaaS).

Companies can connect their ERP system, software for their internal administration, to TradeCloud. Subsequently, this allows them to provide suppliers, for example, with material requirements, orders and deliveries. That way the whole chain adjusts much better when they have to deliver or deliver something. ‘

The company focuses on innovative entrepreneurs who ‘believe in transparency and sustainable cooperation with their suppliers and customers’.

TradeCloud founded in 2013 by Marcel Matthijs, Jan Mark Maas and Tonnis de Boer, Subsequently, Tradecloud admitted to the Yes! Delft incubator. In addition the three founders all have extensive experience in the development of business software at Exact, PostNL and Mendix, among others. Customers are Vacu Vin, Agrifac and Diesel Buchli. TradeCloud will also roll out internationally at a later stage.