Startup Events

Peak Capital frequently visits startup events to help the entrepreneurial community and to meet startups. Find us around town for a short chat without an appointment. We also organize Office Hours and Ask me Anything calls. Here you can discuss topics from your growth, finding developers, founder struggles, fundraising questions, or more.

Given the unfortunate circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, many events are necessarily postponed, canceled, or hosted online.  But, the show must go on!

Interested to invite us for your own event or know another event that we should visit? Send an email to [email protected].

Want to meet us at an event? Request one below!

Events 2021:

21 May15:00-18:00Female Founder StartupRoulette & Round table sessionOnline
12 May12:00-13:00Antler Amsterdam Demo DayOnline
11 May16:00-17:00Run the World – VEECEEOnline
5 May9:00-18:00TBS: HRtech SessionOnline
4 May16:00-18:00FSR Investment CycleOnline
29 April09:00-18:00STARTPLATZ Demo DayOnline
29 April09:00-18:00TNW: Hub Startup GamesOnline
28 April16:00-18:00FSA – VC CycleClosed event
22 April09:00-18:00Blue Tulip Awards 2Online
12 April09:00-18:00Guest Lecture UvaClosed event
10 April09:00-18:00Founder SummitOnline
24 March13:00-14:00Amsterdam Capital House: How to close your VC funding round?Online
23 March15:00-17:00Cash Walk GermanyOnline
24 February9:00-17:00VentureCon GrowthOnline
23 February9:00-17:00SaaStock RemoteOnline
9 February16:00-17:00HGTF Partnering DaysOnline
5 February16:00-17:00Startup RouletteOnline
9 February16:00-17:00German Digital Demo DayOnline
2-4 February9:00-17:00TechLeap SummitOnline
21 January10:00-16:00SBX BeneluxOnline
21 January15:00-17:00Female Founder | Grow F Demo DayOnline
20 January15:00-17:00Diversity VCOnline
20 January15:00-17:00Hangout with VCsOnline
20 January15:00-17:00Startup Scaleup UtrechtOnline
18 January13:00-17:00ACE Investor DayOnline
14-15 JanuaryAll DayOpen Office Hours: Norway | with Startup Lab & AntlerApply Now!
14 January17:00-18:00Amsterdam Capital HouseClosed Event
13 January16:00-17:00Meet the VC | Startup BootcampOnline
7 January13:00-17:00Rise of Generation 2 | Blue Tulip AwardsOnline

Events 2020:

16 December15:00-17:00German Startup NightOnline
15 December16:00-17:00Santa’s Christmas Pitch (Artic Startup)Online
8 December9:00-18:00Atomico’s State of EU TechOnline
2-4 December9:00-18:00Web SummitOnline
1-2 December9:00-18:00The Marketplace ConferenceOnline
1-2 December9:00-18:00The Big ScoreOnline
Tuesday 27 November16:00-18:00Get in the Ring NLThe Hague
Wednesday 25 November15:00-18:00iMec iStart DayOnline
Tuesday 24 November16:00-18:00Founders Meet FundersOnline
Friday 20 November15:00-17:00Utrecht Startup Of the YearOnline
Tuesday 17 November16:00-18:00Sprout Challenger 50Online
Thursday 12 November18:45-20:00Startup Grind: United Wardrobe’s Maud BehaghelOnline
Wednesday 11 November9:30-10:00Antler “What Matters to VCs & Investors”Online
Thursday 29 October16:00-18:00Product UPOnline
Thursday 29 October17:00-19:00TNW x De:Hub German Startup GamesOnline
Tuesday 27 October16:00-18:00Seed ForumOnline
Thursday 22 October16:00-17:00Startup CommonsOnline
Thursday 15 October10:00-18:00SBX Adyen Startup BankingOnline
12-15 October19:00-18:00SaaStock EMEAOnline
Monday 5 October9:00-18:00HGTF The FamilyOnline
2 October9:00-14:00Fund Fast Friday: Marketplace EditionOnline – Sign up Now!
Tuesday 1-2 October19:00-18:00TNWOnline
Wednesday 30 September17:00-22:00VEECEECapital C
Sunday 27 September9:00-18:00Bitz & PretzelsOnline
Friday 25 September15:00-17:00Accelerator NederlandClosed Event
Monday 21 September19:00-19:00Utrecht INCOnline
Thursday 17 September17:00-22:00NVP VC AfterworkAmsterdam
15-17 September15:00-17:00Tech5: TNW x AdyenOnline
2-3 September13:00-15:00SaaStr AnnualOnline
Friday 28 August15:00-16:00Virtual Open Office HourOnline – Sign up now!
Friday 22 August15:00-16:00Virtual Open Office HourOnline – Sign up now!
Friday 14 August15:00-16:00Virtual Open Office HourOnline – Sign up now!
Friday 25 July15:00-16:00Virtual Open Office HourOnline – Sign up now!
Thursday 23 July14:00-17:00TNW x de:hub Startup GamesOnline
Friday 3 July15:00-16:00StartupRoulette (Golden Egg Check)Online
Tuesday 30 June12:00-13:00Capital Tour XXL OnlineOnline
Monday 29 June12:00-13:00Open Office Hours: GhentGhent (HelloCustomer HQ)
Wednesday 18 June10:00-18:00SBX CEE/DACH StartupBankingOnline
Thursday 11 June9:00-18:00iMec iStart Investor DayOnline
9-10 June9:00-18:00SaaStock RemoteOnline
Friday 29 May12:00-17:30EY Investment Launchpad MeetupOnline
Thursday 28 May9:00-10:00Navigating the Twilight Zone of Seed Funding in 2020Online
Wednesday 27 May9:00-17:00SaaStr Summit: The New New in VentureOnline
27-28 May9:00-17:00Marketplace Conference DigitalOnline
Wednesday 27 May9:00-10:00Holland FinTech Investor InsightsOnline
Friday 22 May9:00-14:00UtrechtINCOnline
Friday 15 May9:00-14:00Fund Fast FridayOnline
Wednesday 13 May16:00-17:00StartupBootcamp Commerce 2020Online
Wednesday 29 April16:00-17:00WeWork Labs Showcase NordicsDigital
Wednesday 22 April9:00-17:00SaaStr Virtual SummitOnline
Tuesday 21 April9:30-10:30Holland FinTech Investor InsightsOnline
Tuesday 21 April15:00-17:00Data-driven Innovation & Entrepreneurship Pitch (UvA)Online
Friday 17 April15:00-17:30Leapfunder Round TableOnline
Thursday 16 April10:00-17:00StartupBanking NordicsOnline
Wednesday 15 April16:00-18:00Rockstart AI EventOnline
Wednesday 8 April10:00-12:00Entrepreneurial Finance Lecture (UvA)Online
Weekend 3-5 AprilAll DayHack the CrisisOnline
Friday 3 April12:00-14:00Masterclass: Angel Clinic (LeapFunder)Online
Friday 3 April15:00-16:00StartupRoulette (Golden Egg Check)Online
Thursday 2 April16:00-17:30Amsterdam Capital House Live Session: Fundraising in Difficult TimesOnline
Monday 23 March17:00-18:30Ask Me AnythingVia Phone
Thursday 19 March18:00-22:00VEECEE & Young M&AAmsterdam
Thursday 19 March9:00-18:00Platform DayAmsterdam
Wednesday 11 March15:00-18:00Tech Leap Y Combinator SessionAmsterdam
10-12 March9:00-18:00SaaStr ConferenceSan Francisco
Thursday 5 March18:30-22:00International Women’s Day: TNW Bridging the Diversity GapAmsterdam (TQ)
Thursday 27 February10:00-17:00Meet the VCAmsterdam (StartupBootcamp)
Thursday 20 February17:30-22:00ISV Benelux Community EventBreda
Wednesday 19 February19:00-22:00P!TCH by ASIF VenturesAmsterdam (The Student Hotel City)
Thursday 6 February17:00-18:00Startup Banking (AVP)Amsterdam
Thursday 30 January17:00-21:00Minor Entrepreneurship FinalsAmsterdam (Epicenter)
Wednesday 22 January10:00AM-12:00PMOpen Office HoursAmsterdam (Capital C)
Tuesday 21 January18:30-21:00Founder Institute Amsterdam Demo Day & NetworkingAmsterdam
Wednesday 15 January9:30-11:00PMAntler Panel: “What Matters to Investors”Amsterdam (Epicenter)

Are you around? Let’s catch up. Request a meeting at one of these events below.