5 strategies to kickstart & grow your marketplace – from founders for founders.

Want to learn how to kickstart your marketplace from experienced founders? Read all about Studocu's learnings in kickstarting and scaling their marketplace.

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Earning More, Needing Less – Part 1

I am a big fan of reading blogs of inspiring people; admittedly most are venture capitalists like Tom Tunguz, Fred Destin and Christoph Janz. Having wandered around in this space for a while now, I felt it was my time to also share some thoughts with the world (or at least the few people who actually read this – thanks mom, appreciated). Most people that know me probably would expect that my first blog ever would talk about data, sales strategies or fundraising for your startup. But all of those are means to an end. So, what then is this end, I asked myself.

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Earning More, Needing Less – Part 2

I admit, Part 1 was quite theoretical and perhaps too much about me personally – hey, it was you who decided to read it after all, so don’t blame me too much. But I aim to make it up to you now: I believe that true valuable blogs come with easy insights on ‘what to do then’, and do not stop at drunken bar discussions at 3am. So here are ’10 brain tools’ that I continuously use – or try to use – in my life:

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Tips From Marketplace Founders: How to Solve the Chicken-and-Egg Problem (pt. 1)

Every marketplace has to face the chicken & the egg problem. Here are 4 key tips on how marketplace founders tackled this. Learn from Creative Fabrica in this 1st edition of marketplace founder interviews.

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Hello Customer secures €6 million in new fundraising round by Senovo and Peak Capital

Hello Customer, the SaaS company that offers the most complete feedback insights platform, automating capturing, analysing and reporting on feedback and customer data, continues its strong growth. The Belgium-based scale-up, which employs more than 30 people and has a presence in various European countries, has raised six million euros in a new fundraising round with [...]

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Floryn receives BMKB-C accreditation to support SMEs during the corona crisis.

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 14 May 2020 - Floryn has received BMKB-C accreditation from the government. This makes Floryn one of the first non-bank financial institutions which can offer government backed loans to bridge the corona crisis. With the accreditation Floryn can help new and existing customers. With their highly digitized process Floryn makes it possible for entrepreneurs [...]

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