Catawiki, the Dutch trade and wiki site for collectors, has received an investment of more than one million euros. Peak Capital and Drentse Participatie Maatschappij (DPM), a subsidiary of the NOM, do not receive a substantial minority interest. The money is invested in an international expansion.

Hein Siemerink, coordinator Peak Capital, said that his investment company has done a lot of research into various business sites. “I have seen few sites of the quality that Catawiki has.”

Catawiki is a current catalog for collectors. Users can supplement these and maintain their own swirls. But also share the collection with others via the site. The site also functions as a web shop as a catalog. The women can enter items. These can be objects from their own collection, but also objects that are still being searched for.

Lists of collectors and sales lists of sellers are automatically linked to each other. The sales prices of a specific item can be compared at a glance, making a previous opaque market transparent.

Simultaneous eBay

According to Siemerink, Catawiki can argue against the eBay model. A store that starts on Catawiki is free. Only if the sales value of the store in the store is 200 euros or more, the user pays 5 percent commission if he sells something. The earnings model has been built on advertisements.

eBay is the only trading site that Siemerink has to find. “For a site that exists for two years, they have the imprint approach.”

Peak Capital has invested over one million euros with NOM. The money is mainly used for marketing and development. But, if Catawiki wants to be a success, then it must also be stuck. Händel in collector’s item is healthy beyond national borders. Foreign expansion is also in the planning. And part of the investment is valid. Siemerink: “We have made no demands, but think it is important and important that they go abroad quickly.”


René Schoenmakers, one of the founders of Catawiki, announces that the site is ‘already quite large’ in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. “Right from the start, that’s the same with the Netherlands, in terms of reach.” Before the end of the year, France the United Kingdom and Germany. “We now see spontaneous visits to our English-language website from surrounding trays, which we launched a few months ago,” Schoenmakers says.

Siemerink says that eBay sells more than collectible products, but that in the field of coins, can compete very well with this giant. “That is the last intention.”

Catawiki has about 6,000 unique visitors around 100,000 pageviews per day. Since its launch in 2008, almost one million aggregate labels have been added in 50 headings. For example, all stamps issued in Europe are on the site. More than 270,000 comic books and 460,000 stamps have been offered for sale.